Phenix-DB on CC-J

by S. Yokkaichi

Irina's PHENIX DB page(PHENIX limited, since around 040709)

Update history of this page

2005.03.31, updated to use ccjams002
2004.10.26, updated to use ccjams001
2004.08.20, updated to use ccjams001
2004.08.12, released

Phenix-DB on CCJ (2005.03.31)


PHENIX-DB are operated by only PostgreSQL and Objectivity/DB is not operated. Also in CCJ, Objectivity is not operated. Daily copy will be not supported because the technology is under studying by PHENIX offline people. At CCJ, copying will not be done without requests from users.

To use(2005.03.31)

Use the variables to use them.

 setenv ODBCINI /opt/ccj/etc/odbc.ini.ccj.050117

PostgreSQL : data as of EDT 1/17, available since 3/31
             containes only three tables : calibrations, daq, Phenix
 These versions do work with some software after pro.60, e.g. pro.65(run4pp production),
 on Scientific Linux 3. (Thanks to H. Torii and T. Isobe for the testing.)

Objectivity/DB in CCJ(old)
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