Phenix-DB on CC-J

by S. Yokkaichi

Objectivity/DB in CCJ
Irina's PHENIX DB page(PHENIX limited, since around 040709)

Update history of this page

2004.10.26, released: updated to use ccjams001

Phenix-DB on CCJ (2004.10.26)


PHENIX-DB consists of Objectivity/DB and PostgreSQL for the time being. Both of them will be maintained till Objy will be closed.
Daily copy will be not supported because the technology is under studying by PHENIX offline people. At CCJ, copying will not be done without requests from users.

To use(2004.10.26)

Use the variables to use them.

 setenv OO_FD_BOOT ccjams001::/phenix/DB/objy/040616/FDB/PHENIX_26000.boot
 setenv ODBCINI /opt/ccj/etc/odbc.ini.ccj.040817

Objectivity: data as of EDT 6/16, available since 6/18, works with pro.54
PostgreSQL : data as of EDT 8/17, available since 8/17

 These versions do work with pro.54(use both)/57(only use postgres).

The old variables is invalid now because of ccjams002 down.
 setenv OO_FD_BOOT ccjams002::/phenix/DB/objy/040616/FDB/PHENIX_26000.boot
   (This is as same as above)
 setenv ODBCINI /opt/ccj/etc/odbc.ini.ccj
   (This is 6/16 version, data were lost.)

Objectivity/DB in CCJ
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