Mock Data Challenge at CCJ (1) (MDCJ1)

MDCJ1 have been completed from May 20-23, 1999.
This time we had concentrated on pp simulations for both central and muon arms.


  • pp central DST progress etc.

  • central arm summary

  • muon arm summary

  • central arm DST log

  • muon arm DST log

  • central arm PISA+STAF log

  • muon arm PISA+STAF log

  • MDCJ1 log (excel)

  • Other Information

    (The following documents may contain Japanese.)
  • Output files locations

  • Batch job scripts (under construction)

  • PISA+STAF software environment

  • Last update on June 2, 1999 : N.Hayashi ...