100K MC Challenge at CC-J

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What is "100K MC"?

The experiment of Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider (RHIC) at PHENIX has been successfully started in summer 2000. A large fraction of Au-Au collision data has been taken at sqrt(s_sub{NN})=130 GeV, while PHENIX had been set up with a few different configuration.

In general, Monte Carlo (MC) simulation is very important to understand the detector characteristic (acceptance, efficiency etc.) and to evaluate a reconstruction program. The goal of "100K MC" project is to produce realistic and huge simulated data with various PHENIX Year-1 configurations.

PHENIX started with "retractd arm" position. (run00a) Both, West and East, central arms were "opened" about 40 cm against the central magnet. The magnet was not turned on with this configuration. After the MVD partially installed, the central arms had been "closed" and the data were taken without magnetic field. (run00b) Originally, response chain (PRDF production) and reconstruction chain (DST production) would run separately. However, we have changed our plan, "camTask*.C" jobs generates DST directly from PISA output.

See in detail 100 K MC page by C.F. Maguire. (restricted)

Plan and Status

Data set Run# Description hijing pisa resp/reco file copy remark
run00a 1000000001
Retracted arm,
zero field
Done Done None pisa only 2000Evt/Run
run00b 1000000101
Normal arm,
zero field
Done Done None pisa only
run00b-2 1000000101
Normal arm,
zero field
Done Done on going on going New MVD Geom
run00c 1000000201
Normal arm,
full 2D field
Done Done Done Done
run00d Normal arm,
full 3D field
run00e Normal arm,
half 3D field
Won't be processed
run00f Normal arm,
zero field, central events
run00g Normal arm,
zero field, central events
See also a list of proposals.


To be written.
  • Hijing

    Data Set Version b range iseed iseed_skip remark
    run00a 1.35 0-14 1-50 0
    run00b 1.35 0-14 101-200 0
    run00c 1.35 0-16 101-200 1

    File name convention

  • HIJING135_Output-0000000000-0000.zebra ... ZEBRA output file
  • HIJING135_RunLog-0000000000-0000.ascii ... Log file
  • (10 digit number: Run#, 4 digit: sequence)

  • PISA2000

    Common condition

    Z-Vertex distribution is flat and over -60 to +60 cm.
    Input files sample. (... will be appeared)

    Data Set Version RNMD Detail Log Completed Date remark
    run00a phs3 1-50 8/27/2000
    run00b phs3 101-200 pisa_000921a.log,
    run00b-2(*) phs6 (crs.3) 101-200 pisa_001103a.log,
    run00c phs6 (crs.3) 1-100 pisa_001111a.log,
    (*) Second round of "run00b-2" includes modified MVD geometry.
    It has "0001" in SEQ index in the file name. (instead of "0000")

  • PISA2000_RootOut-0000000000-0000.rootg ... PISA root output file
  • PISA2000_RunLog1-0000000000-0000.ascii ... Log file
  • Location of Products

  • at CC-J

    ccjsun:/ccj/w/tmp01/run00a, run00b, run00c, ...
    HPSS:/home/phnxsink/montecarlo/100K/ ...
    (moved by S.Yokkaichi at 2001/Jun/05 from HPSS:/home/phnxsink/mc/ ...)

  • at RCF

    HPSS:/home/phnxsink/montecarlo/V01, run00b, run00c

  • Failure Rate and Analysis

    To be written.

  • Combined Response+Reconstruction (TASK) Chain


    Data Set Version Detail Log Completed Date remark
    run00b-2 phs10 (pro.6)+special(**) 12/27/2000
    run00c phs10 (pro.6)+special(**) 12/28/2000 ?
    (*) Special libraries are:
    /afs/rhic/phenix/PHENIX_LIB/simulation/pro/i386_redhat61/lib/libdgo.so, libphgeo.so, libgea.so, libemc.so, libtof.so, libdch.so

  • reco/DSTb_V003_STRM00-1000000xxx-0000.proot ... DST file
  • resp_par/Response_Params1-1000000xxx-0000.proot ... parameter?
  • resp_rel/Response_Rel_Tab-1000000xxx-0000.proot ... relational table
  • task_log/DSTb_V003_STRM00-1000000xxx-0000.ascii ... Standard out log file
  • Location of Products

  • at CC-J


  • at RCF


  • Failure Rate and Analysis

    To be written.

  • Other Information

  • PHENIX Simulation

  • Charlie Maguire's VRDC Page

  • Charlie Maguire's VRDC "reconstruction evaluation" Page

  • Tarun Ghosh's VRDC Production (at RCF) Page

  • Tim Thomas's Page

  • ML phenix-off-l (access restricted)

  • ML phenix-spin-l (access restricted)

  • Last update on Jan.27, 2001 : N.Hayashi ... nhayashi@riken.go.jp