PHENIX Computing Center in Japan (CC-J)

AFS access at CC-J

(under construction)

AFS local mirroring at CC-J

Most parts of the contents of /afs/rhic cell are mirrored daily to the local disk of the CC-J NFS server using rsync (rsync-2.4.3). Each Linux CPU farm at CC-J mounts the file system with NFSv3 client as /afs and thus the stable access to the /afs/rhic cell is obtained. There is no need to install AFS client software for each Linux farm to access /afs/rhic cell at CC-J.

sample mirroring command: rsync -avog --delete /afs/rhic/phenix/PHENIX_CVS /afsmir/rhic/phenix/PHENIX_CVS

rsync from CCJ

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