To copy the FDB using the commands built-in the Objectivity/DB

2000.11.17 S. Yokkaichi

This is only a list of executed commands to copy the FDB on Nov.17,2000. Please see the scripts mentioned in following documents to know the arguments of each command.
0.  prepareation at  rcas2022 in RCF.


0.1 Prepare the directories to store backup set and restoration.
    Protection mode of the directories should be: drwxrwxrwx.

1. Make backup and restore to user's local directory.(from rcas2022)
   Example of arguments are in /phenix/yokkaich/objytest/tool/copybybkp001117.csh.
1.0 ooquery
    Check the backup set saved in FDB. 
    If the command hung-up, you cannot access the DB from your executing host
    (not permitted or  too far and too slow) or the DB is corrupted. 
1.1 oocrateset (make the entry of backup set in the FDB)
1.2 oobackup (make the backup-file of the whole FDB in objy-backup-format.)
    typical 10 minutes (I have seen the cases takes 3min., 5min.and 10min. network problem?)
1.3 oorestore (extract the whole FDB to your local directory from the backup.)
    cd your directory to restoration and execute the command.
    typ. 2min.

In this stage, FDID is still 26700(same as official)

2. transfer
 2.1 tar 
   typ. 1min for 225MB tar file./ gzip 
 2.2 gzip
   typ. 1.5min     for 225MB-> gzip file 23MB
 2.3 scp (rcas2022->ccjsun)
   typ. 3.5min
 2.4 tar xvf
   typ. 1min.

3 ooinstallfd at ap03 in CCJ ( change the RCF-local information(hostname,FDID,etc.) to CCJ's)
   Example is /ccj/u/yokkaich/objy/copytest/tool/install001117.csh
   typ. 1min.
   Only boot-file and FDB-file are changed.(seen using Timestamp info.)
   In this stage, FDID is changed as you assigned in argument.

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