Proposal for a Simulation at PHENIX Computing Center in Japan (CC-J)
                                  Date:  5/10/01

To: the Planning and Coordination Office of CC-J

Title :  100K "central bias" central+muon arm HIJING Au-Au simulation.

PWG : all, but primarily the muon-dependent groups

Name : Timothy L. Thomas
Tel/Fax :  (USA:) 505-277-2083
E-mail :

Person responsible for the job submission:
Name : Hiroki Sato
Tel/Fax :  631-344-????
E-mail :

Person responsible for the quality assurance:
  Name : Jason Newby
  Tel/Fax :  631-344-????
  E-mail :

Estimated CPU time required : 6000 hours (with PentiumIII 450MHz)

Estimated disk space usage required : 650 GB

Estimated HPSS space usage required : 650 GB

Target date for completion :  5/21/01

Purpose and merit of the simulation including kinds of events being
simulated :  We would like to generate 100K "central bias" (b= 0-2 fm)
             Au-Au collision events in the PHENIX central+muon arms
             using the HIJING event generator and the PISA simulation
             program.  (It is expected that the "response chain" activity
             will take place at BNL, though we may submit a supplemental
             request for this activity to take place at CC-J as well.)