Proposal for a Simulation at PHENIX Computing Center in Japan (CC-J)
                         Date: 10/Nov/2000 (DD/MM/YY)

To: the Planning and Coordination Office of CC-J

Title : A Study for PHENIX Year-1 detector acceptance (3)

PWG : global/hadron/hard scattering/thermal photon/...

Name :
Tel/Fax :
E-mail :

Person responsible for the job submission:
Name : N.Hayashi and S.Yokkaichi
Tel/Fax : +81-48-467-9347 / +81-48-462-4641
E-mail : /

Person responsible for the quality assurance:
  Name : C.Maguire
  Tel/Fax :
  E-mail :

Estimated CPU time required : 7000 hours (with PentiumIII 450MHz)

Estimated disk space usage required : 250 GB

Estimated HPSS space usage required : 250 GB

Target date for completion : 30/Nov/2000 (DD/MM/YY)

Purpose and merit of the simulation including kinds of events being
simulated :

This is third set of 100K MC seriese "run00c".
It is necessary in order to extract physics from the PHENIX Year-1 data.

Energy root s = 130 GeV.
Event generater: Au+Au minimum bias with newer version of HIJING (ver1.35).
Now impact parameter range is between 0 to 16 fm. (Not 0 to 14, like before!)
West/East arms are standard position.
Modified MVD geometry are in.
This is the first time to switch on magnetic field!
Only "pisa.kumac" will be used from /afs/rhic/phenix/simulation/run00c
directory. Other input files are reused from run00b or run00a.
#Vertex will be continous +-60 cm in Z-direction.
#It reflects a line of "event.par" will be "vrms = 0.025, 0.025, -60.0,".
Version of pisa will be "phs6" (or "crs.3").

Event splitting:
We will process 100 Runs and each RUN will has 1000 events,
it makes 100k events in total.
Run# will be from 1,000,000,201 to 1,000,000,300.

Resp and Reco chain:
For the moment it does not run.
Tarun et al is trying to get it work. (at least PRDF writing part.)
If it won't be success reasonably soon,
we will skip PRDF and directly go to DST!
(not only this "run00c" but also "run00a" and "run00b")
It is crucial to get everything done, before QM work.
(tageted the end of November)

No sure. But not necessary for PISA, at least.

Data transfer from CC-J to RCF:
We may try sending data via READWOOD TAPE.