Proposal for a Simulation at PHENIX Computing Center in Japan (CC-J)
                     Date: 13/Sep/2000 (DD/MM/YY)

To: the Planning and Coordination Office of CC-J

Title : A Study for PHENIX Year-1 detector acceptance (1)

PWG : global/hadron/hard scattering/thermal photon/...

Name :
Tel/Fax :
E-mail :

Person responsible for the job submission:
Name : N.Hayashi and S.Yokkaichi
Tel/Fax : +81-48-467-9347 / +81-48-462-4641
E-mail : /

Person responsible for the quality assurance:
  Name : C.Maguire
  Tel/Fax :
  E-mail :

Estimated CPU time required : 7000 hours (with PentiumIII 450MHz)

Estimated disk space usage required : 250 GB

Estimated HPSS space usage required : 250 GB

Target date for completion : 15/Oct/2000 (DD/MM/YY)

Purpose and merit of the simulation including kinds of events being
simulated :

This is second set of 100K MC seriese "run00b".
It is necessary in order to extract physics from the PHENIX Year-1 data.

Energy root s = 130 GeV.
Event generater: Au+Au minimum bias with newer version of HIJING (ver1.35).
West/East arms are standard position.
No magnetic field with PISA2000.

We will process 50 Runs and each RUN will has 2000 events,
it makes 100k events in total.
Run# will be from 1,000,000,051 to 1,000,000,100.
Vertex will be continous +-60 cm in Z-direction.
It reflects a line of "event.par" will be "vrms = 0.025, 0.025, -60.0,".

In fact, the response chain is not ready yet.
We hope that next CVS tag "phs4" allow us to produce simulated PRDFs.
#It is why the previous "run00a" set is stopped after pisa generation.

No Objectivity DB will be used.