Research Plan at RIKEN CC-J 
				          Date:  1 / 8 /02   (DD/MM/YY)

To: the Planning and Coordination Office of RIKEN CC-J

Reseach Subject : Quick analysis of pp muon events

Person responsible for this research:
Name : Hiroki Sato
Tel/Fax :  +1-631-344-8087/+1-631-344-7158
E-mail :

Person responsible for the job submission:
Name :  same as above
Tel/Fax :
E-mail :

Other collaborators in this research subject:
Name :

Summary of this research (10-100 lines)

First turn around analysis of pp muon events in PHENIX.
The main purpose is to confirm the whole
muon system is working by full reconstruction
of muon events.

Estimated CPU time required :      hours (with Pentium III 850MHz)
3000 hours*CPU  

Estimated disk space usage required :   4500  GB

Estimated HPSS space usage required :

Target date for completion :   1/   18 / 2002  (DD/MM/YY)

Plan for the publication of this result (if possible)