Research Plan at RIKEN CC-J 
				          Date: 09/01/02 (DD/MM/YY)

To: the Planning and Coordination Office of RIKEN CC-J

Reseach Subject :
Search for non-hadronic sources of photon at RHIC

Person responsible for this reserch:
Name : Takao Sakaguchi
Tel/Fax : 048-464-4585/4554
E-mail :

Person responsible for the job submission:
Name : Takao Sakaguchi
Tel/Fax :
E-mail :

Other collabrators in this research subject:
Name : 

Summary of this research (10-100 lines)
Most of the photons measured in the Electro-magnetic Calorimeter are
from known hadronic sources such as pizero or eta. This research
is to measure photons that comes from non-hadronic sources among the
huge photons from known sources. This will require good PID and precise
evaluation of the efficiencies. Since the micro-DSTs available at CCJ
now include a part of informations derived from calorimeter, in which
there are useful informations for finding the good PID and evaluating
efficiencies. Another private uDSTs are needed to be produced, which
will require a large space of hard disk. The research will be conducted
using Year-1 data.

Estimated CPU time required : about 50000 hours (with Pentium III 850MHz)

Estimated disk space usage required : 400 GB

Estimated HPSS space usage required :

Target date for completion : 31/ 12 /02 (DD/MM/YY)

Plan for the publication of this result (if possible)