Research Plan at RIKEN CC-J 
				          Date:  09/02/2001  (DD/MM/YY)

To: the Planning and Coordination Office of RIKEN CC-J

Reseach Subject : MicroDST production using recent TOF parameters

Person responsible for this reserch:
Name : Akio Kiyomichi
Tel/Fax : +81-298-53-6121
E-mail :

Person responsible for the job submission:
Name : Akio Kiyomichi
Tel/Fax : +81-298-53-6121
E-mail :

Other collabrators in this research subject:
Name : Tatsuya Chujo
tel/Fax: 631-344-5152/631-344-6027

Name : Miwako Suzuki
tel/Fax: 631-344-8088

Summary of this research (10-100 lines)

After the previous DST production (v03), we found the time 
conversion factor problem in BBC-TOF system ant solved it.
Furthermore, We found run dependence of timing and released it 
as new calibration parameter (tofGlobalT.txt).
The resolution of TOF became less than 120ps by these effect.

We are planning to reproduct microDST using a new TOF parameters.
We will use this result for the next JPS meeting.

Estimated CPU time required : 1000 hours (with Pentium III 850MHz)
0.4 (hour) X 2500 (file)

Estimated disk space usage required :  60 GB

Estimated HPSS space usage required :

Target date for completion :  15/02/2001   (DD/MM/YY)

Plan for the publication of this result (if possible)