CHEP 2000 abstract

PHENIX Computing Center in Japan (CC-J)

Takashi Ichihara (RIKEN, RBRC) Yasushi Watanabe (RIKEN, RBRC) Naoki Hayashi (RIKEN) Shinya Sawada (KEK) Satoshi Yokkaichi (Kyoto Univ.) Atsushi Taketani (RIKEN) Yuji Goto (RIKEN) Hideto En'yo (Kyoto Univ., RBRC ) Hideki Hamagaki (CNS, Univ. of Tokyo) Abstract PHENIX Computing Center in Japan (PHENIX CC-J) is now under construction at the RIKEN Wako campus over a three year period, beginning in April 1999. The CC-J is intended as the principle site of computing for PHENIX simulation, a regional PHENIX Asian computing center, and as a center for the analysis of RHIC spin physics. The planned computing capacity will be sufficient to meet the bulk of the simulation needs of PHENIX. The planned robotic storage capability will permit efficient micro-DST production as a regional computing center. The current and planned size of the CC-J system is as follows. Oct.1999 Dec.1999 Dec.2000 Dec.2001 CPU farms (SPECint95) 1360 2400 5900 10700 Tape Storage (TB) 100 100 100 100 Disk Storage (TB) 2.6 5 10 15 Tape I/O (MB/s) 45 68 90 112 These planned capabilities of the CC-J are in concert with the research plans of RIKEN and RIKEN BNL Research Center, which initiated the RHIC spin program and which plan to expand their involvement in the entire PHENIX program. High Performance Storage System (HPSS) was installed in April 1999 and more than 50 MB/s sustained transfer rate is obtained by pftp between HPSS clients and HPSS servers over the Gigabit Ethernet. The utilization of the Jumbo-frame (9 KB MTU) Gigabit Ethernet reduces the CPU overhead for the frame analyses thus the high performance of the data transfer has been achieved. Linux pc's with Intel Pentium II/III are used for CPU farms. The NFSv3 patch for the Linux latest kernel significantly improved the NFS performance, especially for the NFS write operation. Portable Batch System (PBS) are used for Linux pc farms. To access AFS cell stably, a local mirroring of the AFS contents is carried out daily. Further information of the CC-J can be found at the URL of . ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Key Topics Commodity Hardware and Software and Integration in Farm and Large Systems Kew words HPSS, Gigabit Ethernet, Jumbo frame, Linux CPU farms, NFSv3 kernel patch, PBS, AFS, Objectivity/DB, RHIC, PHENIX