RIKEN CCJ Reseach Plan Form (2013/Jan.)

------------------------------------------------------------------------- Fill the form below and send it to the the Planning and Coordination Office of RIKEN CCJ (ccj-pco -at- ribf.riken.jp) via E-mail. If your project is a PHENIX-official one, please use another form. 'Official' requires a PWG's endorsement, for example. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Seq. Number (TBA ) Research Plan at RIKEN CC-J Date: / / (DD/MM/YY) To: the Planning and Coordination Office of RIKEN CC-J Reseach Subject : (PHENIX official or not : official / no ) Person responsible for this reserch: Name : Tel/Fax : E-mail : Person responsible for the job submission: Name : Tel/Fax : E-mail : Other collabrators in this research subject: Name : tel/Fax: E-mai: Summary of this research (5-10 lines) Estimated CPU time required : hours (with ap001:Xeon E5430 2.66GHz) Estimated disk space usage required : GB Estimated HPSS space usage required : HPSS band width for above estimate : MB/s (if you access HPSS by your every job) Target date for completion (cpu) : / / (DD/MM/YY) (disk): / / Plan for the publication of this result (if possible) Other useful infomation
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