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LSF(upper)/NQSII(lower) command translation(040816/041005)

NQSII was used in RSCC, however, LSF is available since 050202. NQSII was stopped.
NQSII qsub command  cannot accept the raw unix command but only script(csh,sh,pl,...).
For example,
prompt> qsub sleep 100
is not acceptable. You have to make such script as
prompt> cat sleep.csh
sleep 100

And submit as
prompt> qsub sleep.csh

bsub -o $outputFilename -e $errorFilename -q $QUEUE -L /bin/tcsh -J $jobname
qsub -o $outputFilename -e $errorFilename -q $QUEUE -S /bin/tcsh -N $jobname

bkill (jobid)
qdel (jobid)

qstat -Q

bqueues -l (queuename)
qstat -Q -f (queuename)

qstat (-J : to see the execution host name)

bjobs -l (jobid)
qstat -f (-J) (jobid)

bjobs -uall
qstat -a

bjobs -u (user)
qstat -u (user)
... -a/-u is not found in 'man' because it is made by vendor of RSCC

qstat -E

bjobs -a
 (not found)

to see the job's elapsed time in LSF
bhist (jobid) , and see column 'RUN'
to see the job's cpu time in LSF
bhist -l (jobid) or bjobs -l (jobid)

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Last Modified: 05 Apr. 2005 S. Yokkaichi